Tika, our cat. (Photo by: Ariel Pérez Díaz)

I have been wrong many times, and made many mistakes in my life, but perhaps none of them have haunted me like saying “I don’t like cats, I’m a dog person”.

I always thought cats were arrogant and selfish animals, especially those that live in houses and have everything handed to them. I often thought to myself “I hate cats”, without ever even experiencing owning one.

Yesterday was the second anniversary of the day we rescued our kitty Tika, and to honor her, I think it is worth it to tell how unexpected events and one cat in particular changed…

Fidel Castro and Raúl Castro. (Photo: Bing.)

Many people say Cuba is a socialist or even communist country. It is not. It was never the intent of the Castro brothers and it is not what it became.

On the right side of history you have those who would say that Fidel Castro lied many times before becoming the President, selling himself as a democrat and as a leader that would reinstate the most advanced and democratic Constitution in Cuban history. He didn’t. On the wrong side of history you have those who say that Fidel was an icon of freedom and a true believer of Socialism and…

New Franken, WI. (Photo: Ariel Pérez)

Seeing the leaves of trees change colors, fall down like rain or dance with the wind is a magnificent, natural, theatrical spectacle. The sudden change that leaves tall trees empty and almost lifeless, makes me think about life and its cycle.

Life is colorful and beautiful. It is also sad and gloomy sometimes. Not to mention that it can be messy. Just like the Universe we are part of, full of light and also darkness, with a balance that is almost perfect.

It is exactly what I see when I walk the streets and observe the contrasts of colors and…

I see a lot of people supporting socialist’s ideas in the US and other countries. I see them talking about free health care, free education, free this and free that. When actually nothing is free, just the air you breathe. Every service you get you have to pay and if you don’t, somebody is paying for you. That’s how it is and has been always.

I’ve had debates with one of my best friends for years about what is the solution, what is the perfect system, economically and sociologically. There isn’t. But we have come to agreements that maybe a…

The first time I said to my friends “I’m going to Wisconsin”, all of them said “to do what? There’s nothing there. Just farms and cold.” Well, they couldn’t be more wrong.

It is the second time I visit Wisconsin. Last year I didn’t have much time to see and wander around the State. It was also Christmas time, so the cold winter didn’t give me too much of an opportunity to go and explore and it was also for a short period. …

Picture of the detainees in Cuba after the failed invasion. (Photo: Via Google)

In 1961, at Bay of Pigs in Cuba, over 1,200 exiled Cubans returned to the country looking to oust Fidel Castro.

It is impossible, especially if you are born Cuban, not to see the resemblance between the two episodes. The one in 1961, when Fidel Castro came out triumphant and used the scenario to boost his own personality and give the people another excuse to hate the American capitalist government, and the remake of that story now in Venezuela, where, two ex-special forces from the US Army have been apprehended.

The circumstances of course are way too different. In the…

Photo from AP through Diario Libre.com

The COVID-19 pandemic raises questions and might be a good thing in the end.

It came from China. It’s not as mortal as we eagerly thought. It’s not as untreatable as we also thought. So why the fear?

My parents are old people, they have health problems. That’s the reason why I, at first, was a little scared. I thought that me getting sick would be a major risk for them. That is also why I was very careful in the first two weeks.

My mother keeps telling me to get naked as soon as I go in the house…

Foto: New York Times

Cuba prior to the Cuban revolution was an enviable country for others in the Latin American region and other parts of the world. Before the revolution, Cuba stood out in many areas including health, education, sport and economy. Cuba had world champions in various sports, prominent personalities in medicine, science and culture. Great figures of literature, plastic arts and architecture were recognized internationally.

However, we must point out some historical facts that do not appear in the story told after the revolution. And, we have to start with the same revolutionary movement.

The revolution did not begin with Fidel Castro…

Hundreds participated on the third day of protest.

Young, old, apolitical or political, poor or rich, people from different parts of the capital have joined the protests for a fourth day in front of the Junta Central Electoral (electoral institution). They are determined to see the magistrates of the JCE resign. But also send messages and warnings to the government.

“E’ pa’ fuera que van” (you are going out), they scream and sing in front of the building echoing their chants to other cities and towns.

It seems like the sunny, sometimes wet, sometimes hot country is now evolving into a “Dominican Spring”. On Monday, only a handful…

Foto: Orlando Barría, EFE

This Monday police informed that two men had been detained over their connection with what happened during the night and early morning of the elections day. The news reports say that Manuel Antonio Regalado Martínez, a technician from the Internet and Cable company Claro, was in communication with a colonel of the Dominican Police, Ramón Antonio Guzmán Peralta, who was since January the head of personal security of Luis Abinader, the candidate for the Partido Revolucionario Moderno (PRM).

A press release by the PRM that same day asked for protection for the colonel’s life who has over 30 years of…

Ariel Pérez Díaz

Cuban-born-dominican-raised human, with a Bachelor in Science of Communication and a lot of experience as a Journalist. I currently live in Wisconsin, USA.

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