A bittersweet lesson for life

I see a lot of people supporting socialist’s ideas in the US and other countries. I see them talking about free health care, free education, free this and free that. When actually nothing is free, just the air you breathe. Every service you get you have to pay and if you don’t, somebody is paying for you. That’s how it is and has been always.

I’ve had debates with one of my best friends for years about what is the solution, what is the perfect system, economically and sociologically. There isn’t. But we have come to agreements that maybe a mix of a capitalist economy with some socialists programs might be the closest thing to perfection. Yet that is not socialism, that is not free this or that and to be honest, that already exists.

Hijas de Galicia Hospital, Luyanó, City of Havana. (Foto: Google)

I say this because in my native country we have “free universal healthcare” and it doesn’t work. At least not for the majority of the Cuban people. It doesn’t work because Cuba has a broke economy and a dictatorship. Just like every other “socialist or communist” country. Because that is what socialism and communism lead to: total government control, dictatorship and poverty.

This weekend I lost one of my uncles on my mother’s side. He was rushed to the hospital with chest pain and died in the medical facility. He was 68 years old, he lived in a little apartment where he had to carry buckets of water every day to be able to do house chores. Like most Cubans, he had nothing.

What really pisses me off is that this is another family member (like my two grandmothers) that pass away and I won’t even be able to mourn with my other family members. I can only do that from afar. Why? Because it is expensive and a big risk to go to Cuba, among other reasons.

Hospital Manuel Fajardo, City of Havana. (Foto: Google)

We Cubans allowed Castro’s and other scoundrels to control everything, we fell into the “free this and free that” discourse. It was all bullshit -pardon my french-, it was all a scam. While those vermin live like kings, my uncle died in a hospital that probably doesn’t even have the sheets to cover the beds.

So don’t talk to me about socialism or free stuff. Really educate yourself and stop whining about everything. Life is not easy. Sometimes you have to go hungry, sometimes you have to carry buckets of water to take a bath, or light candles and barely sleep due to hot humid nights because you’ve been without electricity for days; and still, the next day you have to get up and go to work.

Do what you have to do to make your life better. Get off your lazy ass and work hard. I’m sure you’ll find people that will help you along the way. Just don’t wait like a chick for mamma bird to come and feed you. Even worse, stop waiting for the government to solve your problems. That will never happen.

Cuban-born-dominican-raised human, with a Bachelor in Science of Communication and a lot of experience as a Journalist. I currently live in Wisconsin, USA.